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Getting clothes made to measure is the best way to make your clothes not only unique but fit and suit your size and style. Made to measure suits ensure that you look smart and feel comfortable and with the right shape and fit, you can be sure that your suit will install confidence in you, improving your figure and posture. Each customer is measured with accuracy as well as observed to see how they will move and stand with the suit on. This ensures not only a perfect fitting suit but a suit that will adapt to your personality and lifestyle. Questions of where the suit is going to be worn? How often? Are all important and something which alters the way in which we tailor your suit to you. With an artist’s eye, we can ensure you that you will leave with a suit that has been made with traditional techniques, whilst still complying with modern fashions and your personal requirements. Gentlemen and Ladies suits start from £350. We have our own fabric samples for you to look through if you want, or you can bring in your own. If the suit is for going to the office in, an evening out, or a special occasion such as a wedding we can ensure that there will be a time once in your life that you will need a suit tailored especially to you. 

Some samples of fabric we use for mens and ladies suits:

We offer a made to measure service on most garments for example skirts from £120, trousers from £260 or fancy dress costumes that will ensure a one off product that no one else in the street can be found with. Have a look at our gallery to see examples of all our made to measure garments including jackets we make for both men and ladies from £260. If you have a dress, for example, that you already like the shape and size of, we can copy this in a different fabric. With high levels of finish and the ability to work to your specifications quickly we can provide you with the perfect outfit for either a special occasion or everyday.


As well as keeping pace with changing fashions, we never lose sight of tradition and the techniques which are well established with the tailoring world. We have previous experience in providing the Chipstead Rugby Club their blazers, which they have always been satisfied with. With a pride in our work that cannot be measured, our quality control means that nothing leaves our workshop without being thoroughly inspected and signed off. We can supply the fabric; however you may prefer to do this yourself, as well as the fastenings so that you have full control over the finished product. Free of charge fittings and the option to use our Mobile Alteration Service makes getting made to measure outfits just that bit easier.

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Professional Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed

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